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About Me

Welcome to Classroom Techies!

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my website!

I created this blog to connect with like minded elementary educators interested in integrating technology into their classrooms. Through this site, I will provide helpful information, engaging resources, and easy ways to integrate technology into your daily lessons.

My passion is to help kids learn how to use the tools and resources necessary to succeed in a technology driven society. Technology has opened the door to new learning opportunities that keep students motivated, excited, and engaged. I’m amazed at how fast young children learn how to use technology in the classroom.

Four years ago, I was given a class set of Chromebooks and was told to use them with my third grade students. I was told I could post assignments through Google Classroom. Ummmm, what? I wasn’t sure what that meant because I had no idea what that was. I accepted this challenge and took the digital plunge!

It was a year of trail and error. It was a unique opportunity to learn along side my students. Our motto that year was: Everybody makes a lot of mistakes. Mistakes are how we learn. There were many days when I couldn’t get their digital assignment posted correctly in Google Classroom or I couldn’t get them logged into a new online platform. I loved hearing my third graders encourage me to try again. “It’s okay Mrs. Webb, try again!” I’d smile when I heard my students grumble, “Aarrgghh!” at my failures. They weren’t disappointed, they were frustrated because they wanted me to succeed. Then I’d hear, “Try another way!” Whether we figured it out that day or I found a solution after school, we always made progress. I helped my third graders learn technology skills they will use for the rest of their lives.

Three years ago, I moved back to kindergarten. I was so excited to use the Chromebooks with my kindergartners. I felt confident in my skills and was ready to jump in. The first day I put the students on the Chromebooks was an eye-opener for me. I assumed they’d be able to plug in their headsets and mice. I assumed they’d be able to log in. Ha ha ha!!!!! Seriously?! For the most part, my students had never touched a keyboard, didn’t know what a mouse was, didn’t know their numbers, and definitely couldn’t read. How could they type in a 6 digit password and press the enter key? At that moment, I realized I had a lot to teach them before they could begin to use their Chromebooks. I could have viewed that day as a complete failure but I didn’t. It was just the beginning of my adventures with technology and Chromebooks in kindergarten! After three years, I’m still learning how to teach little learners technology skills.

My Background:

Before becoming an elementary teacher, I worked as an administrative assistant for fifteen years. I had to teach myself how to use multiple programs (word processing, desktop publishing, spreadsheets, presentations, data management, e-mail, scheduling, internet browsers and more). All of my past experiences have helped me become a creator of my own digital resources and online blog.

In 2000, I finally decided I to listen to my inner voice. It was always telling me I wanted to be an elementary school teacher. I quit my job and never looked back. I jumped head first in to substitute teaching while I earned a Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential. As soon as I got my credential, I was hired as a certificated teacher in third grade. During the nine years I taught third grade, I continued my own education an earned a Masters in Elementary Curriculum Design & Instruction. I’m currently in my eighth year as a kindergarten teacher. Everyday I am honored to teach kindergarten.

Thank you for your interest in Classroom Techies! I look forward to connecting with you.